Tuesday, 17 October 2017

life is a lesson

hi, good morning i guess i should type morning because its show 2.04 a.m. i'm the one who are not sleeping yet, so i decided to post something in this blog, so here it is! incase now you are felt down or dissapointed, angry or maybe you're sad right now. cheer up guys! don't let anything drag you down. say to yourself that you're more than good enough than other people. ah, i forgot something that i should say earlier. happy deepavali to all my neighbours and also my poly friends! 🎉 okey then, we continue. so this early morning i just want to give some motivation incase there were some people who are not sleeping yet or maybe still settle down their assignment, project or studying preparing for their final exam. goodluck, all the best!! and what should i type again, i totally don't have any idea, maybe i will just share some random thought. sorry maybe i will share something that will be far away from my blog title hehee. i just want to say that you all should appreciate yourself more, thinking that yourself are better. everyone have their own strength and weakness, don't ever compare with someone who are more talented than yourself instead of trying to make that person your idol. i think this is a much better way to avoid you from stress out. and yeah life is a lesson, you are still learning whenever you go. the bad will teach you what shouldn't you do and the good will make you a good person. that all for today early morning. love from me, goodnight. get an early sleep, rest yourself and don't forget to love yourself :)

p/s : but im always sleep late, don't be like me.
sorry for my bad english, still learning too. share your link blog down below and i will be happy to blogwalking there :)

ohh don't forget to comment any thoughts/ideas or any positive comment down below, i will enjoy reading it! sorry no negative comment, always spread positive vibes okay!!!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Comes to the end

Never thought that its comes to the end. After 2 years more my journey at this poly, i had to say a goodbye to a memories. At first i dont felt anything neither to feel happy nor sad. I felt a bit lost and confused. I questioned myself  "seriously, its the end?" i just cant believe it ,the 2 years more had finally arrived its destination. Almost 2 years i learnt so many things, the bad and the good. The bad make me learnt something new and change my perception, and of course the good still remain in my heart forever. I still remembered how i meet "my friends" that stay with me till now which is fina, mira and ifah. At first i thought fina was an arrogant person, she doesnt smile when i smile back at her but then when i knew her she was a happy go lucky person, always with her joke and she's a good listener too. she's an easy going person and i never saw her stress out. she's spread a positive vibe to me. happy to know you fina! and for mira, she always there when i need her. i can ask for her help anytime i want and she's a good listener too. i felt comfortable to be around you as you are so kind. i dont know how i can repay all your kindness but i will pray may you meet a good people in your life. And also for my roommate, ifah. for almost 3 sem we stay together although we dont talk much but you always help me too. although you are sometime annoying and always make me angry but i know you're like that and just joking. and ifah always shared her food she was kind too. happy to know you three. although i dont show much but i always appreciate you all in my heart. im kind of thankful to meet you all that stay with me through thick and thin. you all stay with me being myself. never left me behind. thankyou so much and may Allah repay all your kindness, amin. thankyou for 2 years more being such a good friends for me, you all are the best! ah, i forgot one thing don't forget to invite me when you all are married. fina, i hope you stay with gemok. and for ifah, mira i hope you meet your dream soulmate asap! byee, see you all when i see you :) goodluck in intern and future!
p/s: im kind of want to write something so here it is! 2 years more are enough for me to meet a good person :) lucky i am.